Saturday, June 20, 2009

Result from Piracy, DVD Sales Decrease dramatically

LONDON - Sales of movies in DVD format chip in the UK has decreased dramatically for the first time since 2004...[...] DVD chip sales estimated in 2009 only reached 25 million pieces. But in 2008, DVD sales reached 253 million pieces. Throughout history, since entry to the UK first time in 1998 DVD sales never decrease separah that will occur in 2009. Maraknya piracy on the internet as a ringleader dituding decrease in sales. for many years, DVD entertainment is a mainstay of British society. "During the first five months 2009, sales continue to slump 10 percent, if this trend continues then the sale until the end of the year only reached 25 million pieces," said Lavinia Carey, Director General British Video Association, as dilansir Telegraph, Saturday (20 / 6 / 2009). Therefore, Games Association urged the UK government to immediately make kebijakkan strictly related to piracy. Last week, Minister of Industry Communications UK, Lord Carter said more than seven million subscribers download content illegally on the internet, ranging from film, music, and software. "We thought piracy in the virtual world is a crime that can not be accepted. Creative industries should have the rights and protection, the government will soon provide a clear legal steps to protect it," said Carter. (srn)

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