Saturday, June 20, 2009

Twitter visitors increased 1500%

WASHINGTON - micro bloging sites, Twitter votes have increased rapidly every year. Research institutions to record growth in visitor Nielsen Twitter percent increase in 1500 as much from year to year...[...] To May 2009 recorded visitors Twitter reached 18.2 million visitors. Therefore dilansir Macworld, Sabtu (20/6/2009). In addition, the visitor diluangkan to be in Twitter also increased significantly. In the May 2008 average visitors spend only six minutes 19 seconds to be on Twitter. But in 2009 the visitor becomes increasingly berlama-old stand on the site and spent an average of 17 minutes 21 seconds. Twitter conditions in May 2009 with quite different conditions Twitter a month earlier. Nielsen data show in April 2009, visitors to Twitter decreased to seven percent. despite so, Twitter has not been able to overcome other social networking site, Facebook a record number of visitors as much as 144.3 million visitors during the May 2009. Twitter phenomenon became increasingly withdrawn last days. Chaotic Presidential election in Iran is also making a choice for the Twitter community to get information. no wonder if Twitter's growing visitor. In fact, Twitter must be delayed repair and upgrade the application due to network traffic padatnya access the website mikrobloging it. (srn)

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