Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Feature from Facebook "Live Stream Box"

California - Now, users can join any site to put on stream Facebook status update. This may be due to a new feature called Facebook Live Stream Box...[...] Facebook recently introduced a new feature that allows site users can put any comment or mengunggah live event streaming video to Facebook. Such information is quoted from PC World, Thursday (25/6/2009). "After getting the key Application Programming Interface (API), software developers only need to file mengunggah to small sites in and add some friends to set up the code stream," said Tom Whitnah, software developers Faceboook any posts in the blog. Facebook has made available a live stream to multiple sites. Among them are sites CNN, NBA All-Star Game, and the sites that live event mengcover Academy Awards and general election in Israel. This feature can also be used for online gaming. Site visitors can see the Facebook stream after signing in to Facebook using Facebook Connect. They can then click the tab to see the status updates and comments related to content that is relevant, or stream can also filter to only see the stream coming from Facebook friends. All the entries that appear on our home page comment stream connected with Facebook Live Stream Box. Here, the status of each update to get the link to the site that menghosting Live Stream Box, so that friends of the site visitors can get involved in Facebook. (srn) New Feature from Facebook "Live Stream Box"

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