Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sandisk Launches Memory Card 32GB

California - Along with the size of the memory card needs in a number of gadgets, Sandisk SDHC cards launched with the memory capacity of 32GB. ..[...] A memory card that are 'extreme' This new plan will be in August digelontorkan future. With the capacity of such magnitude that, this card suitable for DSLR cameras and Camcorders that have the quality of high definition (HD). Moreover, supported with the ability to read data at speeds up to 30MB / s. According to the spokesperson for Sandisk, cited IT Tech News, Thursday (25/6/2009), said if the jail card with Sandisk 32GB HD Camcorders on this, the ability to record images with high quality can reach up to 160 minutes or a half-hour . Although the new Sandisk products ship in August to come, these producers would not reveal the price akan dipatok for consumers. As a comparison, the capacity to 16GB, Sandisk determine USD199 million or as much Rp2. (srn)

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