Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nokia N97, Mobile Smart style Netbook

Exploring the virtual world through a mobile phone with a large capacity space that needs to be important in the era of unlimited mobile multimedia such as now. Nokia N97 is a challenge...[...] Nokia N97 is just outstanding and will be released on June 20 comes with 3.5 inch touch screen with a resolution of 360x640 25bit color. In addition, the N97 has a QWERTY keyboard through which the sliding system, which of course makes the phone at a glance, similar to the N75, a few months ago is also released. Unfortunately, with the weight only 150 grams, the headset looks very small and difficult to have a navigation interface for those who have big fingers finger. Fortunately, that N97 multimedia features, which bring users serasa bring their own netbook. With 3.5G HSDPA network, users can roam freely in the virtual Jagad. Moreover, N97 supported with applications that already Ovi Store dibenamkan in it, so that the application needed more variety. In addition, also, the shortcut on the front of the screen can keep changing up to 4 applications at once. Nokia N97 is the latest Facebook applications. Users are not only able to update the status quickly, but can also mengunggah images captured through the camera's 5 megapixel camera with flash and autofokus, including video resolution with MPEG-4 VGA. As mobile phone with multimedia features, N97 is supported with the memory capacity that is very knowledgeable. Mobile phone which was released simultaneously in 75 countries that have dibenamkan with 32GB internal memory is capable of zooming up to 48GB, plus an external memory micro-16GB SSD. Obviously, this makes the N97 mobile phone becomes the greatest capacity. But unfortunately for those who are interested need to grope in the pocket. Although not yet known exactly dipatok price, but Nokia India said that in Europe only N97 dibanderol in the range 600 euro. If dirupiahkan, sophisticated peranti the valuable Rp8-9 millions. N97 full specifications: - Display: 3.5 inch 360x640 25bit color - Weight: 150 grams - Operating System: Symbian S60 - Camera: 5 MP - Connectivity: HSDPA 3.5 G - Battery: BP-4: 1500Mah (1.5 days standby, 360 minutes talk time for 3G and 585 minutes for GSM) - Memory: 32GB (up to 48Gb), external-Micro 16GB SSD. This 40 is able to save thousands of music at once. - Price: Rp8-9 millions (srn)

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