Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Windows 7

1. Taskbar On the Windows taskbar 7. When users mouse directing them to taskbar, it will appear as a thumbnail previewer so that users do not have to open the first task is one for one per-memilihtask which will be opened...[...] 2. Jump List Jump List feature allows users to easily search for files that you have to do before. To see what files you open or the last file that you open frequently, a user to stay on the right-click the icon for the desired program. 3. New Ways To Work Windows 7 has advantages compared with the preceding version, that is bidding for a variety of easy open, close, zoom in, zoom out, and managing the desktop. To enlarge the window size, you simply move the window to the top of your monitor screen, the window will automatically be great. To restore it to original size, the user can move the window from the top of the screen, the windows automatically go back to size. Click for larger image You can view the contents of the desktop when you have many applications that cover the display on your desktop with just your mouse to move the corner of your monitor that will make the entire active window becomes transparent. To me, minimize your window, simply click on the section before the window will automatically minimize me-self. 4. Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 8 may be one of the many highly experienced drastic changes compared to preceding IE7. a. Instant Search In IE8, the search becomes much easier, this is because the thumbnails for each previewer keywords are entered by the user. b. Acclerator There are so many online services that may be useful for those of you who like the convenience. For example, the search is address, Google Map, etc.. In IE8, when you want to use the service for which there is a word in a web page, you only need to highlight the word ago is to click the blue arrow button next to determine what steps you want to do with the word. c. Web slices You can see the changes in content from a web page without having to open a web page that is concerned. Click for larger image And probably many more other features which can not and I had to add or write here. Windows 7 Beta you can download for free through ELMS MSDNAA with Maranatha to register first to obtain the username and password to access various Microsoft software free. What interested sobat ? Gie is also nyobain LOM directly and liat temen rasain have. There is a new experience about this please share widws7 !!!!! although this beta version of vastinya have expired and the lack of rich hehe tin susu ga aj.Tapi all have one comrade nyobain and ngerasain own.

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