Monday, June 22, 2009

Ronaldo's Paris Hilton Just Friends

LOS ANGELES - Apparently, Paris Hilton in an effort to steal the heart less than a maximum of Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid soccer player is only considered a normal friend Paris...[...] In an exclusive interview pesepakbola berjulukan CR17 with The Sun, Monday (22/6/2009), disclose, Paris is an interesting girl. What has dilaluinya with beautiful sosialita in MyHouse nightclub, Los Angeles, including osculation Paris, some time ago, is the usual case of the young contemporary him. "My young men and young women Paris. We shoot the club on. That's normal people made our contemporary," said Ronaldo. CR17 consider many aspects when Paris to receive a kekasihnya. One of the wedge that is both busy. "He lived hundreds of miles from my place and very busy. I was also busy in Madrid. So, I'm not sure we will continue to be met," kilahnya. (ang)

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