Monday, June 22, 2009

Ready Anticipating U.S. missile attacks Korut

WASHINGTON - United States President Barack Obama, said the U.S. military is ready to anticipate the North Korean missile attack. Previous Korut akan threatening to shoot roketnya Hawaii...[...] "The government and our military is fully prepared to anticipate all possibilities," said Obama in wawancaranya with the television station CBS and Reuters quoted on Monday (22/6/2009). But Obama is not a matter of comment that the military effort will be made to Korut. "We just prepare for every possibility," he said. Korut try to test the weapons nuklirnya on May 25 and plan to shoot space probe that has a far reach to Hawaii. Threat that Pyongyang submitted after the United Nations to strengthen sanctions on Korut. In the chance that Obama also said, the world unite to approach Korut. "We hope they will take part. We do not want to fight back, as happened before (the war sememnanjung Korea 1950s)," augment him. (tons)

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