Monday, June 22, 2009

Al Qaeda Use Nuclear facing U.S.

DUBAI - A petinggi Al Qaeda in an interview, said Al Qaeda may be using a nuclear Pakistan to face the United States...[...] Pakistan is currently doing military operations associate crushing Al Qaeda, Taliban, in the Swat valley only 100 kilometers northwest capital, Islamabad. Pakistan about Taliban akan slowly over the capital, including nuclear facilities jockey. "God will not fall in the nuclear to the hands of U.S. and combatants must take and use against the U.S.," said Mustafa Abu Al Yazid Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan interview with television station Al-Jazeera and Reuters quoted on Monday (22/6/2009). In response to questions concerning the role of U.S. nuclear to save Pakistan from the hands of Al Qaeda, Yazid respond, sure the troops will be defeated Pakistan in the Swat valley. Yazid also believes that victory will be in other places. This is a capital self-confidence for Al Qaeda can control what you can to defeat the U.S.. "Al Qaeda organization strategies for the future is the same as the previous, the head of the snake, tirani leaders, the United States," specifically. According to the plan that can be achieved with hard work, including a front-front battle, so the new U.S. operation will increase militernya. Akan condition that can drain financial enemy. (tons)

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