Monday, June 22, 2009

As Crocodile Helikopter drop

Darwin - Gara-gara dazzled with a crocodile, a helicopter pilot decided to fly low. Hence, the heli to drop diterbangkannya the muddy beach...[...] The pilot suffered minor injuries, but passengers seriously injured in an incident that occurred in the northern city of Darwin, Australia. Such as quoted from the BBC, on Monday (22/6/2009). Worry because passengers suffered hypothermia, a pilot that is menguburkannya in the sand before the alarm is set off to ask for help. Initially the doctors thought the man was dead, until finally see the man that sway in the sand. Careflight air ambulance service in the statement, the pilot was flying heli nahas along Dundee Beach, 60 km from Darwin, when trying to see a crocodile's close. "Pilot of interesting passengers to safe places by the beach, menjauh from the crocodile, and bury the man in the sand up to his neck, to avoid friends that suffer hypothermia," a statement Careflight. Pilot is satelitnya then use the phone to request emergency assistance. Ian Badham, director of Careflight, said this case "bizarre." "A doctor initially thought it was a heli killed and buried him in sand," said Badham. Badham also said that passengers are now undergoing treatment at the hospital because of wounds in the head, chest, and lengannya. (jri)

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