Monday, June 22, 2009

Interesting Facts about Sex!

Ajang make was not just penetration, but also an expression of love terdalam from each pair...[...] Through sex, you can show each other affection through the neck, touch, smell, or the words of the intimate romantisme. Nah, for you who want to know what are the benefits of sex, then it's good to know some facts that were presented Sheknows following: Alat bantu sex is the best medicine woman Based on MoSex, the museum of sex in the United States (U.S.), vibrator is a tool that resembles the original form to provide treatment to the woman during the 19 decades. According MoSex, the vibrator in the sexual activity can affect the level of women orgasme. Which in turn can be treated to the satisfaction of the desire to reach the peak. Great sex is a strong physical Sex includes mental and physical. That is, not only in the sex life needs a healthy, but also a strong body. Especially the adam, the strong physical demand will affect the quality of semen (sperm) that will be fertilized. For, in the cement are calcium and zinc that help prevent fertilization failure. Therefore, the need to maintain quality of the cement with the types of food consumed. Feed meet calcium and vitamin D can improve male fertility, and maintaining adequate zinc akan hormone testosteron and cement still good. Sex organ size is not everything Sometimes, men are often the size of the tool genitalnya have the main function of emengaruhi sexual satisfaction. In fact, the main sex organs that control the rhythm game is the orgasme brain. Therefore, do not be afraid can not give satisfaction. The average size of Mr P inflame time is 5 inches. And when the penis does not inflame the middle is 3 inches. Make, best calorie burner Hate sports in the gym? When you experience it, then bercintalah! Intimate touch with for 30 minutes, you can burn 200 calories. Especially when you do more than that, guaranteed slim body has not only just a dream! Sex makes people loose control Sex can make someone lose control. That is, sex can also take a clear mind. As in the case of Hong Kong that befall a husband who sleeps with another woman. When his wife knows it, she killed her husband with their own hands. (NSA)

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