Monday, June 22, 2009

Sachs GTR 150CC

JAKARTA - After be expected, the Friday night 19 June 2009 PT Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) has launched the official scooter matik (skutik) them. This motor is named Minerva Sachs GTR 150...[...] Unlike the skutik which has been circulating lebh first, Minerva on design and sporty 150 cc engine capacity. This means that the capacity is the largest in its class. That's why they call this sport as skutik. "Motor skutik this is not just ordinary, but skutik sport," President Director firm MMI Kristianto Goenadi in his speech at the launch event Skutik GTR in the 150 arena Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ), JIExpo in Kemayoran. In addition to a large engine capacity and sporty design, skutik this sport has also been using the rim size 17 inches in front and 16 inches in the rear. The use of large dimension rim is much different from most skutik, so that makes it more memlikiki claimed that steady handling and in accordance with the road conditions in Indonesia that is not necessarily flat. With all the technology that is applied trobosan on Minerva Sachs GTR 150, MMI to create as pemegeng brand motor Minerva forced membanderol price skutik sport is a bit more even from the skutik. GTR 150 removed the price Rp17, 6 million on the road Jakarta. (uky)

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