Monday, June 22, 2009

Handphone iPhone 4g

NEW YORK-The iPhone 3G is the next generation of S from the iPhone 3G is already enjoyed by some lover of Apple in some countries. Akan but rather that they are waiting-waiting from Apple...[...] According to David Carnoy, one observer gadget, reveal that the most dinanti is 4g iPhone, which according to Apple, will be released around 364 days. And at this time the handset is tested and developed. Carnoy said as quoted Gizmodo, Monday (22/6/2009), if that will bring the Apple iPhone 4g in the year ahead, with a variety of interesting applications and features. He indicated that Apple will make improvements to the design screen. To view outside, some observers have also suggested that Apple would membalutkan aluminum, which is exactly the pair Macbook. However, there are some entries that come to Apple, which may be received by the company besutan Steve Jobs. Blowing the other issues are also mentioned, if the smart phone has been running on this network 4g, will be installed with a dual-core processor and graphics card is more powerful, so it can produce quality video and image resolution messmate high definition (HD). (srn)

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