Monday, June 22, 2009

Scientists Create Software "Jet Lag"

NEW YORK - Travel far with the aircraft, passengers do not often make the jet lag, after the crash. However, the problem will disappear soon, after some of the scientists created the software anti-jet lag...[...] Jet lag usually occurs because the self of the time difference, and the extreme environment of one country to another country. Sleep difficulties that make the body become so tired, the jet lag frequently occur. Some scientists from the University of Michigan, United States, a research center to examine the software that can help people with jet lag. As dilansir Big News Network, Monday (22/6/2009), this program uses mathematical models, where users are given advice and appropriate action, such as when the need to sleep or stay awake while on the plane, and before leaving for the trip. With the exact calculation, the user will be able to reduce the effect of jet lag. For, when the set foot in extreme environments, they have to adjust before. And when used correctly, will result in more efficient sleep, decrease fatigue and increase cognitive performance. Indeed, at this time the application is not designed for the public, because researchers still do development even further. However, they believe, this tool can be useful for all people. (srn)

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