Monday, June 22, 2009

Google Wikipedia Include in Site News

California - Although Google is more viscous as the engine pecari in the virtual world, but this service does not want to simply leave the unit site its news aggregator. And to improve visitor, Google plans to insert the Wikipedia...[...] The free encyclopedia akan nongol in Google News home page, starting Wednesday (24/6/2009) future. Later, as more than 30 links from the Wikipedia article will present to meet the needs of readers, to get additional information that are hot in the world. As Election in Iran or in the case of the flu Pigs are the world. "For now we are doing the experiment to enter the Wikipedia site in Google News. If good speech, we will be doing the same job is permanent," Gabriel Stricker firm, as dilansir New York Times, Monday (22/6/2009). "Wikipedia is also present as an additional reference for readers to get the information more widely," he said. Google this strategy as a form of efforts to compete in the strict aggrgator service industry news. In addition to Yahoo News, Google also try holding the middle hadangan of Microsoft, Bill Gates is the company, the overt cause for Bing menjegal Google. "This is a good step, and also as evidence that Wikipedia has been seen as the encyclopedia that site up to date," added spokesperson for the Wikimedia Foundation, which manages this Wikipedia. (srn)

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