Monday, June 22, 2009

Poet Create Stories Through Twitter

NEW YORK - Twitter is not only a new means of communication so popular at this time. Mikroblogging this site is used as a medium for the delivery of short stories...[...] Arjun basu, a writer and author pusi make the paper a very short stories follow the character limit that Twitter is only specified to 140 characters. "I make a very short stories and post them on Twitter. This is only 140 characters, with appropriate boundary conditions Twitter post," said basu as quoted from the AFP, Minggu (21/6/2009). "I called Twister because everything in the Twitter name often given the odd and unique," added the man aged 42 years. He explains, with the limited character does not mean the story is not complete, and seemed to hang. Every story dibuatnya the way the story has a clear, have a beginning, end of story and content. "Until now I have more than 6000 FOLLOWER stories like that in my Twitter," said basu with joy. Years ago, Canada's men's home is never published the story in book form of pocket books. The result is interesting as much as his readers to buy the 2000 book. "With Twitter publish in, the more readers who know my work," he added. Basu start writing Twister years ago. At first, he only made one story and then developed into other short stories. He did not imagine that the post them on Twitter, his work got a tremendous response. (srn)

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