Monday, June 22, 2009

Exercise! Image Spam

JAKARTA - During the May level of spam continues to increase, and nearly 90 percent of all spam comes from email. However, some interesting trends have been detected during the last few months...[...] Spam image (picture) re-emerged as a strength that should be with 6.5 perseb of all spam messages in the last 30 days that contains image. During the time this increase in spam a week to be 21.9 percent of all messages. One of the consequences of re-occurrence of the image spam is the average size of spam messages has increased by 24.14 percent with a message size 2kb-5kb, and 14 percent of the message is larger than 10kb, it increased 3 percent from January. Reports issued by the antivirus company Symantec, quoted by the official explanation, on Monday (23/6/2009), even though the show has improved image spam, spam messages containing URLs in the body of the message also continues to be the dominant trends in spam. During the past 30 days, 91.7 perseb spam message contains a URL. In spam are often concerned with the sites where users can create an account without including the cost of free webhosting account and URLs that are registered and operated by spammers. URLs are used to promote products and services, and spammers often rotate the URLs used in spam attacks in their attempt to avoid detection of anti-spam. In May 2009, 52 percent of the URLs that have diobservasi top-level domain (TLD) com, and 32 have perseb cn ccTLD. Number of URLs with the com TLD decrease of 12 percent, and the number of URLs with a cn ccTLD increased as much as 12 percent. Exchange is clear that spam tactics used by spammers where they switch between different TLD in an attempt to outwit anti-spam filter. (srn)

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