Monday, June 22, 2009

Give PayPal Protection for eBay in the Seller

JAKARTA - auction site eBay announced the launch of a new protection for the seller. This new coverage will provide protection against unauthorized payments and goods not received a claim for eligible goods that are sold in the eBay website...[...] In addition, as part of the scope of the new PayPal seller protection, sellers will benefit from the interesting new features that warn them of a potential transaction at the time of high risk receive the payment. So that they do not send their goods until payment terbukti. This helps reduce their losses. "PayPal first for this is to give the most secure online payment for the buyer and seller. For our eBay seller in Indonesia, we also believe that protection sellers will increase their confidence to the business in a more secure market," said Mario Shiliashki, PayPal General Manager Southeast Asia and India, in the description of authorized, on Monday (22/6/2009). At this time, PayPal has more than 70 million active accounts around the world. The addition of the protection seller, helping the seller through a reduction in the burden of risk that their online experience, and make sales on eBay with PayPal more secure and easy. Protection seller is free and without limit of annual coverage. To qualify, vendors must submit a document to the appropriate delivery of goods eligible transaction if the problem appears. In addition, this protection is available for payments from 190 markets agreed PayPal for eBay items are eligible. (srn)

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