Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Latest information from the Windows 7

Microsoft will take the plan with great power management technology in Windows 7. Starting from a small system that is the driver. Windows 7 will add a system specification Intel HD Audio Low Power status, such as D3...[...] From existing data, Windows 7 will stop the HD Audio USB audio system to Suspend level. Standard 5 is provided on the power system in ACPI mode. On D0 defined position, D1 and D2 on the status of low power and D3 in the Off position. Procesor existing system has a fan but S1 sleep and remain active Procesor (S1 system already exists on the board now) with some components are still active. S3 where the computer is on or near the position of sleeping off. D3cold is added, other components such as Audio terebut system will be turned off automatically to save power so. Windows 7 downgrade allowed for 18 months If one day you buy a new computer with OS Windows 7, Microsoft then try the new OS Windows 7 for 18 months before the downgrade. So, anyone who bought a new Windows OS 7. Will choose to get right down to Vista or even XP. Microsoft's initial plan, the downgrade will be given until 6 months back, but changed over time to 18 months. Then calculate what time. Windows 7 will be released in October 2009. Date is the date of the initial 18 months provided Microsoft Windows 7 user if you want to go down to a lower OS. Reduction rule is also different versions, and are valid only for 2 version of Windows 7. Windows 7 Pro -> Vista Business -> XP Pro Windows 7 Ultimate -> Vista Ultimate -> XP Pro

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