Wednesday, June 24, 2009

U.S. Residents Wait iPhone 3G S

Gadget lover in the U.S. seems so spirited welcome emergence iPhone 3G S. Loyal audience stood in a very long queue to get their latest iPhone officially entered the market since Friday 19 June ago...[...] Enthusiasm seen since the first day of marketing iPhone 3G S. Hundreds of prospective buyers have even mengantre outside the Apple store in New York and San Francisco before the store opened at 07.00 local time. However, the analysts rate, the queue is compared with the iPhone sales in the first set in 2007. According to them, buyers queued iPhone 3G S shorter than the queue at the time of the sale of the first iPhone 3G. "This is the first time I buy iPhone," said Adam Moore, a technology consultant mengantre in the Apple store in San Francisco since early morning at 3:30. "I'm very interested in the iPhone 3G sophistication S. This device is equipped with software and hardware that is not owned by any device," he added. S offers a 3G phone features a more complete and supported by the processor that can support their performance more quickly. As mentioned in the perilisannya, the letter S is added to the name of the new iPhone this means "speed" or speed. So this is called the iPhone, has a better speed performance than the previous iPhone. Other virtue, namely, S 3G has a battery that is more durable and the ability to record video. But behind the open kecanggihannya means that this device is too complicated to operate. Apple teknolgi offers a simple and easy to use. (Reuters / okezone)

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