Wednesday, June 24, 2009

feature for Firefox 3.5 Fast & Stable

Mozilla recently released Firefox 3.5 RC 2, which can be downloaded in the Firefox site. RC 2 is a version of Firefox 3.5 that lets users browse faster and more stable than version betanya...[...] Firefox 3.5 has a significant change in terms of speed of access, he said that up to two times from the previous version. Here are a few significant changes: - Browse more private Like some other new browsers, RC2 offers a feature that more private browsing. In this mode Firefox will not save anything, such as history, cookies, usernames or passwords. Unlike incognito mode in Google Chrome, or InPrivate in IE 8, Firefox 3.5 does not give any indication of when a user run this mode. - Firefox can 'forget' Do not be a first meeting, which referred to forget here is delete the history, but without the subfoldernya. Suppose a user history, history will be erased, but Firefox still save the subfolder of detikinet eg, - Tab the better Tab in Firefox 3.5 will work better. Besides the user can move the tab on the toolbar, they can also drag n drop the tab in the Firefox window the other. Actually this feature does not feel special. Section of the Chrome and Safari, this feature is already there first. - The 'text is missing' Firefox 3.5 designed to restore the 'missing any posts. For example when a user write a comment on the news and not deliberately detikinet to click back, it usually happens that their page will be lost because the page changes to the previous session. Well, now Firefox can still 'considering' this, so when users click-forward again, which was written the previous comment is not lost. Firefox claims that version 3.5 is eight times faster in the 3.0 version of JavaScript. Besides the addition to the features and performance, terintergerasi Firefox 3.5 with Ogg Theora video, a technology that is the latest web format. (PCWorld / second)

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