Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For Biggest Microsoft Error

At the meetings between the Executives Club of Chicago, Steve Ballmer opened themselves to a debriefing session, when asked a question, the audience may be tight-lipped even vote needles fall to the floor can be heard. The question is, "If you have the opportunity to fix one mistake in the past, what's that?"..[...] With a little hesitancy in his voice felt that, first he states that fact, will not have things like that - cancel the errors that have been done in the past. But a surprising, Ballmer gives a direct, open, and honest. "If I had the opportunity to return to the past and change one thing, I will start more quickly in the field of search," Ballmer said. Microsoft, according to Ballmer, to know about the search business and business to make search technology have been made. But when Microsoft does not believe the matter of the market, and have no business model. "Business search engine unimaginable at that time. The Company has no application to what has been found, "said Ballmer. In a more optimistic tone and told about Bing, new search engine, Ballmer said, "We already have the weapons pledge. And this (Bing-red) is a small machine that can win the competition, "he said. (TGDaily / vivanews)

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