Wednesday, June 24, 2009

5 Netbook Having the Internal 3G Modem

So many models netbook which is now circulating in the market require that the vendor-vendor computers to provide new features that provide added value to the user...[...] Therefore, some netbook begin to integrate modem 3G features in their pledge. Now internal 3G modem is no longer owned by the notebook-notebook premium cost dozens or even tens of millions, but netbook-netbook Rp 5 million-an. Here are some of the netbook has a 3G modem internal. Acer Aspire One 3G (Aspire One AOD 250) Netbook 10-inch this diotaki by Intel Atom N280 processor speed 1.66 GHz (667 MHz FSB, 512 KB L2 cache), Intel 945 chipset with GSE Express, DDR2 memory capacity of 1 GB, storage shed with hard disk drives of 160 GB. Netbook is also equipped with multiple in - 1 card reader, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, and the 6 cell battery. It was sold for Rp 5.99 million, with operating system Windows XP Home Service Pack 3, Kaspersky antivirus, IM2 starter pack, a packet softcase, and SDHC memory cards of 4 GB. If you are lucky, you may still get the cashback program to Rp 500 thousand from Acer given the limited during the exhibition. HP Mini 3G (Mini 1017) HP Mini 3G dijual lebih murah daripada Aspire One 3G, yakni seharga Rp 5,5 juta. Namun, netbook 10 inci ini memiliki beberapa kekurangan dibandingkan dengan Aspire One, yaitu prosesor, dan kapasitas penyimpanan yang lebih kecil. Prosesornya adalah Intel Atom N270, dengan kecepatan 1,6 GHz (533 MHz FSB, 512 KB L2 cache). Selain itu, hard disk-nya hanya berkapasitas 60 GB (PATA), dan tak menyediakan koneksi Bluetooth. HP Mini 3G telah dibundel dengan Windows XP Home. Dell Mini 3.5 G Compared with the netbook-netbook above, Dell offers the Mini data connection faster section, it has a 3.5 G internal modem. Theoretically 3.5 G technology may be able to transfer data about nine times faster than 3G technology. Netbook uses Intel Atom N270 for prosesornya, with RAM of 1 GB DDR2, chipset Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950, and the media storage of Solid State Disk 8 GB. However, Dell also provides SATA hard disk drives of 160 GB external. He is also equipped with WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, web camera and internal. Cheaper price of Aspire One HP Mini 3g and 3g, which is only Rp 5 million. Netbook Smart Telecom (Olive X107) This is a bundle package netbook Smart Telecom launched two days before the exhibition opened Festival Komputer Indonesia. On this package offers Smart netbook Olive berprosesor the X107 Intel Atom N270-speed 1.6 GHz, DDR2 1GB memory, and storage capacity of hard disk drive of 160GB. Netbook screen size is 10.2 inches berdimensi 265 x 185 x 25 millimeter, has a weight of 1.2 kg, and 1.3 megapixel web camera. For connectivity issues, this netbook features provide Wi-Fi and USB base 3. And more important, dibundel a netbook with Windows XP Home Edition, it has a modem CDMA 2000 1X EVDO Rev A 1900MHz integrated. Smart offers two subscription options, ie, post-pay and prepay. For post-pay, the customer is charged Rp 499 thousand per month for 12 months, and get a free 12 month unlimited internet. To prepay, netbook sold at Rp 4.7 million, with unlimited internet for 30 days. Both service options will be a maximum-speed Internet service to 3.1 Mbps download, and 384kbps for upload. Elevo 3G Netbook Elevo is still less popular because the brand is not much heard. However, at least, it includes tools for business provides internal 3G modem. With the price of Rp 5.688 million, 1.2 kg netbook uses Intel Atom N270 processor, 2 GB RAM memory and hard disk of 160 GB. Not only provide internal 3G modem, netbook with 6 cell battery also provides WiFi connection. (vivanews)

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