Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Most Expensive Hotel in the world

Hotel, generally have a bed, TV and bathroom. But some people have not felt with sufficient facilities. Create that have money, use the hotel for £ 23,000 is common. From Forbes via Times Online gives a list, which the hotel has rooms and rooms extraordinary super prices in the world...[...] 1. The Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France: Penthouse Suite. £ 22,900 a night Hotel that has become the most expensive room to room Penthouse. Provided sitting room, dining, 2 bed, 2 bathroom, shower, spa, conference rooms also have clothes, sauna would also aja. Bangun pagi akan presents directly to the edge of the sea. 2. Four Seasons Hotel, New York, USA: Ty Warner Penthouse suite. £ 21,500 a night When you stop by the way the road to New York City, never ever stay in the room Penthouse room Four Seasons hotel. Credit Card directly through akan limit, unless you take Amex cards. Four Season To provide room 400 square meters. Space directly above the room can see the point of 360 degrees to the city of Manhattan. Rooms that are specifically designed by designer Peter Marino and architect IM Pei and the owner Ty Warner (Beanie Babies that have). Penthouse room hotel Four Seasson also provides parks, equipment room of gold and platinum / newyorkfs 3. Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland: Royal Penthouse suite. £ 21,500 a night In Switzerland, ruangnya provide bench-made 1930's. Direct view of Lake Geneva and Mount Blanc as the highest mountain in the Alpen. Of the hotel include a private elevator to the hotel room, 24 hour security camera, window anti-bullet, the doors are very strong and the key diruang emergency room. 4. Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens, Greece: The Royal Villa. £ 21,000 a night This Resort, hotel guests will get a private beach and marina. 5. Hotel Cala di Volpe, Costa Smeralda, Italy: Presidential Suite. £ 16,800 a night This one is in Italy, a normal hotel room space. But with the equipment 3 rooms, 3 bedrooms and a swimming pool salt water and its own gazebo and Solarium

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