Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tips And Tricks : Make Internet Super Fast

Browsing the Internet with a high speed certainly is fun, done in various ways to speed up Internet connection using either the Internet connection software to be faster and use settingan can be claimed that a certain speed internet connection...[...] Here are some tips that can be used to speed up internet connection: A. Write bandwidth setting on the windows (we only test on Windows XP) Basically the windows OS is limiting the bandwidth for Internet connection of 20% of the total bandwidth should be maximum, if you want to add Netter bandwidth Internet connection that is faster and faster way to clear or reduce the bandwidth limitation is that on Windows we can in the maximum using the existing bandwidth. Follow the instructions as below: 1. Click Start 2. Click Run 3. Type gpedit.msc 4. Then click Ok 5. Once inside click (open) Administrative Templates 6. Then click (open) Network 7. Once open click QoS Packet scheduler 8. Then click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth 9. After open and change the settings to be Enable 10. Then change into Limitnya Bandwidth 0 11. Click Apply, Ok and continue 12. Then exit and restart the computer B. Use Google's browser Chrome or Apple Safari The latest version of Chrome and Safari browser is very fast when compared to Firefox or Internet Explorer (already tried and indeed much faster). Feedback I use Google Chrome because of fast, Chrome more secure than Safari, even though in some cases Safari sometimes faster than Chrome. If Netter already using Firefox and do not want to switch to the browser again, can add the Add-on "Adblock" to block ads, images, and flash enabled. There are several Add-on from Firefox, such as noscript can speed internet access, but unfortunately most of the Add-on is, sometimes even slow the access of the Firefox browser itself. C. Enlarge the browser cache to 5% of capacity or Harddisk 1 - 2 GB This is effective to speed up access to the browser. Logikanya browser is not necessary each time loading the image and breast bengeknya all every time a visit to the site have been visited, because if the site has been visited akan automatically cached by your browser. This applies only if the hard disk capacity is big enough Netter. In general, each browser may have a set capacity cachenya is automatic. Netter If your browser does not have set the cache option, meaning Netter not often (or should not) clear history in the browser.

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