Friday, July 3, 2009

Apple acknowledges iPhone 3GS Overheat

California - a number of complaints from iPhone users 3GS that says if handsetnya is Overheat, direspon directly by Apple. They also recognize that the smart phone is a bit problematic Anyar...[...] Apple currently investigating reports of some iPhone customers 3GS, although not yet officially said about what happens to the products that are just released. Company based in the United States, to provide early warning to the user's iPhone 3GS. Cited as PC World, Friday (3/7/2009), Apple iPhone users have requested to consider the environment when the temperature of use. Company prohibits the iPhone left in the car, when diparkir in a very long time. Because the temperature in the parkiran can exceed -20 degrees celsius or 45 degrees centigrade. Besides that, if Apple suspect excessive heat on the iPhone that may occur due to the phone directly on the sun in a long time, especially in the same time also be used to run applications, such as GPS or music players. If that does not happen intentionally, in order to advise Apple iPhone lover immediately move in a more cold temperature. To prevent damage that occurs, can still be avoided. Beginning this weekend, 3GS iPhone users claim to not use the device more comfortable because it's too hot. In fact, when the heat began to attack 3GS, casing iPhone supercepat that white is slowly changed to pink. Overheat this happens mostly when in-charge, conduct a conversation in a long time, using the GPS in the iPhone, play games, or open the application on the iPhone in a long time. (srn) Source

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