Friday, July 3, 2009

3 Types of New Found dinosaurs

SYDNEY - three fossil species new dinosaurs found in Australia, including a meat eater that is larger than Velociraptor in the film Jurassic Park. The findings showed that Australia has a possible period of the prehistoric complex...[...] Discovery of two dinosaurs plant eater and a meat eater that was the biggest since the first in 1981. They found in Queensland and is allegedly derived from the period 98 million years until the mid-Cretaceous period. "This not only presents to us two new giant long-necked from ancient Australian continent, but also the findings of our first predator," said John Long, palaeontologist from the Museum Victoria, which dilansir Reuters, Friday (3/7/2009). Meanwhile, palaeontologist Ben Kear of La Trobe University in Melbourne said the findings will pave the way for new studies on Australian dinosaurs and their environment. "Australia is one of the great resources that have not been utilized in our understanding of dinosaurs Zaman," said Kear. Fossil record of Australian dinosaurs are very few when compared with North America, South America, and Africa. The meat eater dinosaurs called Australovenator, while the two other plant-eating plant called Wintonotitan and Diamantinasaurus. Two dinosaurs plant eater that is two different types of titanosaurus, which is a type of dinosaurs that ever lived. Wintonotitan animal is a giraffe well as high, while Diamantanisaurus well short and fat. Both were found buried together in a hole in the water 98 million years age. (jri)

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