Friday, July 3, 2009

U.S. marine face battle Taliban

KABUL - U.S. forces began to get fierce resistance from Taliban militants in Afghanistan. Marine brigade commander even mention the attack with the "battle of the Fire."..[...] This weekend the U.S. large-scale attack in the southern province of Helmand, Afghanistan, involving almost 4000 marine soldiers and over 600 local security forces. Operation is the biggest since the official Barack Obama served as president of the U.S., 20 January. Brigadier general Larry Nicholson as quoted AFP, Jumat (3/7/2009), states, army Batalion Infantri 1 / 5 the only light resistance and has bekoordinasi with the traditional leaders of the local community. But not for Batalion 2 / 8 of the resistance as hell. Area is a battle they Helmand River, the Taliban base defense is the main target of the military operation this. Army commander said his side akan blandish local security forces that supported the Afghanistan troop Western countries, offering a future life of peace without the Taliban. "We've lost a soldier yesterday. Every marine who died is chilling," he said. This is the first marine tersengit after the military operation in November 2004 in Falluja, Iraq. (ton)

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