Saturday, July 4, 2009

Archos Android chute and released in September

France - Producer portable multimedia gadgets, Archos, has begun to send the product-based internet media tablets Google Android this week. However, marketing this gadget still have to wait until thrown to the market in September...[...] It appears that Archos is the wish to attract consumers with the operating system that suppress the warm be discussed. Previously, another product called Archos 9 PCTablet the dilaunching early this week to use the operating system Windows 7, but this new gadget will be thrown to the market in October. Meanwhile, Android-based Archos is up to now have not known the name of authorized, will be marketed faster than a brother. Such information is quoted from The, Saturday (4/7/2009). Portable multimedia devices based Android has a screen size of 5 inches, nearly seukuran the Archos 5 Internet tablets and the Archos is smaller than 9, which is the Windows operating system. Archos spokesperson also informed that kedepannya Archos akan develop more product variations, including one of them is some product teleponi. (srn)

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