Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tips And Trick : show the popularity of Twitter

Jakarta - Twitter more and more people digandrungi. In Twitter, one of the interesting things is when we can increase the amount FOLLOWER...[...] Twitter FOLLOWER count is one of the 'tool' that will increase our popularity. For some bloggers, twitter FOLLOWER count is a way to "narsis" as in the feed readers count. Quoted from blogsdna, Thursday (2/07/2009) the following are 5 tips that we are popular in Twitter: 1. From Blog / Website This is the most widely used to make our twitter feed account, log or through our own property website. One possible way with the service Twitterfeed User can create an account and enter the RSS feed from the blog who wish to posted on twitter. For wordpress blog, the default RSS feed URL is and blogs is a blogger for / atom.xml, where blogname is the name of our blog. 2. From Google Reader Users can automatically update to the Google reader account. Login to Google reader shared items and click on the left side. Click "at this webpage" link to view the items that have been shared. RSS feed copy the URL in the sidebar to the right settings and use Twitterfeed. 3. From Flickr If the user to upload a photo from Flickr, why does not the all-share for the friends we Twitter? User can perform the configuration automatically terintegerasi Flickr account with Twitter, related photos newest update. Click here and please sign in to your twitter. 4. From Mobile In twitter, the phone is a media that is not less important to update its status. The access from mobile twitter can be done anytime and anywhere (as long as can still connect to the internet). In addition twitter also small, for users who access via GPRS. 5. Other services In addition there are also some services such as Twuffer, Tweet Later Future Tweets and to help us increase the popularity of Twitter.

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