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Stories : The Dragon Scroll

Title: The Dragon Scroll Authors: I. J. Parker Translator: Meithya Rose Prasetya Publisher: Publisher Kantera Printed: February 2009 Thickness: 484 hlm..[...] The Dragon Scroll is a detective story with a setting in the Japanese 11 th century when the Japanese government in the Heian period (794-1185). Similar to the empire in China that Teng centralized government, Japan's capital is controlled directly from the Heian Kyo (Kyoto) by an emperor with a complex bureaucracy. Japan at that time divided into provinces ruled by a governor who had the task of overseeing the law and order in the region, including the withdrawal of provincial tax. Sugawara Akitada, a noble and intelligent young idealist who is managing his career, recently appointed a young secretary in the Ministry of Justice. He was first given the task by the government to investigate the loss of tax convoy sent from the province of Kazusa. This is the first to travel outside the capital, for he is assisted by Seimei, the family servant who is faithful Akitada, advanced in books, and has a very broad knowledge concerning herbal ingredients. In addition, in the way he also met with the Tora, the rover urakan which accompany the Atikada and Seimei in the running of their duty. Diemban Atikada task that is not an easy thing, because he must be dealing with local officials such as Motosuke, governor of Kazusa, Resident Ikeda, a former governor Lord Tachibana, who are senior figures and esteemed. The first thing is to check the archives and bookkeeping Motosuke governor. Even though it was greeted with a warm but Atikada keep Motosuke with distance, especially when it is known to give Motosuke batangan gold in the food bowl. Whether the governor would menyogoknya? While the findings of fact bookkeeping records and reports to the governor and clean rapih elements of financial fraud-unusur country, but giving the governor to make Akitada mencurigainya. Not to mention it to investigate further, a bloody incident occurred. Lord Tachibana, a former governor of Kazusa killed in the workroom. While the previous day Akitada Lord Tachibana invited to visit the house because there are important things that you want to disampaikannya in secret. Murder, of course, make this suspicious that Akitada Lord Tachibana has information about the loss of flow of tax and that he intentionally murdered not open the mouth on Akitada. Is the Lord Tachibana murdered so that the tax fraud is not revealed?. Akitada intellect must play in order to reveal all of that. Rather easier for a variety of complex issues ranging menghadangnya, ranging from issues perselingkuhan Lord Tachibana young wife with an official state, terbunuhnya a mucikari, to the existence of the monastery Policy Four Faces of the rich and the monk-rahibnya often make onar people of the city. Is all of that with the loss of flow tax that never came to the capital? Akitada not give up on the challenge that faces, with Seimei and Tora, their share in the tasks they carry out tasks, dealing with the dark world of politics and bureaucracy are complex, trying to become what is surely going on in Kazuza filled with political intrigue and murder cases, some of which occurred during Akitada are in Kazusa. In addition, the concentration Akitada also broken-hearted because tertaut on a local girl who has a younger brother who is a mute who was one of the key witnesses in the case reveals the faces. For those who like mystery stories, or detective stories penggemar samurai of ancient Japan or Akitada in the story The Dragon Scroll feasible to try this because the detective story a la Alfred Hitcock with the Japanese samurai adventure. Samurai fight style and the style of Alfred Hitchcock investigations thick coloring this novel. In addition to creating interest in this novel are the exotic settings of the century in Japan to 11. Through the novel we can find out how social and cultural conditions in the Japanese, for example, culture of corruption, a complex bureaucracy, political dirty feel of loss and how public confidence in the country coloring this novel, besides the love story is also a menu extra inside. What is tested by IJ Parker has been described in the novel is not a delusion because the author has only to do research of the atmosphere to the 11 th century Japan. Some places, events, and some figures in this novel is based on what is recorded in history. Therefore in a certain degree, through this novel we get some information about the history of ancient Japan. Plotnya Unfortunately that is not too fast and thick pages that sometimes makes me a bit bored reading it. Fortunately the mystery of the braided hook mengkait mutual written with the sentence-the sentence that is easily digested and well read, I stand to finish this novel to finish and find the answers to all the cases encountered Akitada. As a complement, the last chapter in this novel there is a chapter, "History of History" which includes historical background and social situation, political, religious, cultural and Japan in the 11 century. Bagamat placed at the end, this chapter also have a good idea to read before we begin reading this novel because at least what is written in this chapter give you a real story about setiing built and enables us to better understand and enjoy the adventure story Akitada through historical background, social , and culture in Japan that time. Akitada story was not stopped on this novel because it was the Dragon Scroll is the first book of the series Sugawara Akitada. Then there are the five title series Akitada that have been written by IJ Parker, namely: Rahsomon Gate, Black Arrow, Island of Exiles, The Hell Screen, Convict and The Sword. Hopefully all these titles will be translated and published by Publisher Kantera. Inggrid J. Parker is the author detective stories birth of Germany. In 2000 he was awarded Private Eye Writers of America Shamus Award for Best Short Story for PI book "Akitada First Case" (1999). Ketertarikannya on literasi ancient Japanese culture and bring in-depth research on Japan in the 11th century until now. What dipelajarinya mengilhaminya to create Akitada figures in his works. Akitada Stories about the first "Istrument of Murder" appears in the magazine's Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery in October 1997.. Parker is currently living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Until now, he still write for Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. Source:

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