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Stories : Rose is Missing

Title: Rose is Missing Original title: The Missing Rose Author: Serdar Ozkan Translator: Rosemary Kesauli Publisher: PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama Printed: May, 2009 Thickness: 221 hlm..[...] Try to imagine, what if suddenly we are told by our parents that we have a twin brother who at this time we do not know exists. Of course we will be surprised and half-dead trying to meet our twin brother. This experienced by Diana, a young female law student level end intelligent and beautiful. He lived in the city of the Metropolitan, San Francisco with his mother. In the case of the material he is never short of, her popularity is everything, therefore he is doing all that he obtain a lot of friends, get a compliment, and popular in the campus environment. But behind the success diraihnya, there is one thing that he should korbankan, the sorrow-citanya to become writers. According to the suspicion people in the surrounding areas became a lawyer of course much faster than famous and became a popular author. This makes himself pressing desires. Needs to get the popularity and praise of his friends are preferred. He had the desire to meet his friends to be received between them, finally he did not feel comfortable because it can not afford to be themselves. A time when his mother died because of illness, Diana read a letter written by his mother for himself. Through the mail it was known that he actually has a twin sister named Mary who lived with her father ever since both her parents divorced when Diana was still a year. In the letter his mother wrote that Mary is in danger now and ask for Diana to find and save them. There is not any help in finding Mary in addition to letters addressed to Mary his mother. Itupun not an easy thing because all the mail that is sent to Mary his mother did not always include the address of the sender. In a letter-suratnya Mary told kerinduannya only to meet his mother and the way to a rose garden in Istanbul, where he learned to speak with the roses. Talking with the roses? What Mary is mad? Things that make Diana worry, especially in a suratnya Mary was the desire to make a suicide. Kekhawatirannya akan saudara kembarnya safety, and the last message from his mother determined to make Diana's brother kembarnya search. Seeing the letter that Diana tried menapaktilasi Mary to travel to Istanbul, where Mary learned to speak with the roses. This journey will take them on an unexpected discovery that will also bring the discovery of the teak itself is lost due to always do what other people want to pursue for the popularity. Travel search Diana's brother kembarnya above story is featured in the novel The Missing Rose works of Turkish authors, Serdar Ozkan. Despite perdananya is a novel, this novel directly into novel best seller and was translated into various languages of the world. The Missing Rose got a good appreciation of the readers as this novel is beautiful, touching, and readers will arouse awareness of identity search. If we read this novel, we see that the style berututur Ozkan almost similar to the original author novel inspiring Brazil, Paulo Coelho. Not many figures that appear in this novel, so readers seems to be more focus on the story of a search to find the brother of Diana kembarnya. The most interesting part, of course, when Diana and in Istanbul, where he finally found Zeynep Hanim, women owners garden roses that have been taught to speak at the Mary Rose. How gembiranya Diana when coming to know that Istanbul is very appropriate, because Zaynep Hanim said that he has received news of Mary also planned to visit the rose garden at the time. While waiting the return of Diana's brother kembarnya also do the same thing that Mary had done, he learned to speak and hear on the roses. This is at the reader will be taken on the dialogue-dialogue is full of philosophical meaning. With led by Zeynep Hanim, Diana tried to learn from the roses. He disadarkan that what is done to pursue fame and get praise from other people does not make him happy because it does not become himself. Diana now understand that being himself is the most special and make every person in life. Unfortunately, during this he does not understand it. To achieve happiness he always need other things such as attention, praise, or anything that could make him special. During this time he could not live if there is no mengaguminya Diana so that he becomes in the eyes' the other ', until-until it was pressing terbesarnya dream to become writers in order to quickly achieve the popularity and preferred environment. So finally the Diana story in this novel is ultimately akan arouse our awareness, we realize may be no way of life and our goal is not based on what we want, but what others are saying. Something that is normal and humane, if we hope to be admired and accepted by the people around us, but let it become a obsession storm so that we become so worried that the behavior and ideals we make our dijauhi by others. As a result, we selected the life of another person to us, not we who choose our own way of life but other people. Is this normal? Let us hear what Rose said about himself: Being a rose means' independent '. This means not dependent keberadaanku Others praise, and I also will not disappear if they do not menyukaiku. Do not catch any, I also like the people. I want them to breathe mengunjungiku and wangiku. But I only want it sayapa I can share keharumanku. (p. 167) About the author: Serdar Ozkan Serdar Ozkan author is a young Turkish origin (34 yr) who had of education in Marketing and Psychology at Lehigh University in Pennyslvania, United States. After completing studies in the United States he returned to Turkey and continue their studies in Psychology at Istanbul's Bosphorous University. Since 2002, he decided to become an author, first novel The Missing Rose (2006) directly reap success and gain appreciation from readers in various countries. Novel has been translated in more than 25 languages worldwide. Thus, Serdar Ozkan is a three Turkish novelist in the history of Turkey liturearut that most of his work translated into various languages of the world after Orhan Pamuk and Ya┼čar Kemal. Some observers argued that The Missing Rose is a beautiful novel that touches mengispirasi and readers, and is a combination of the Alkemis its mistisme Paulo Coelho, lyrical novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and The Little Prince miracle.

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