Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tarix Jabrix 2: Siapa Suruh Datang ke Jakarta? | Tarix Jabrix 2: Who ordered to come to Jakarta?

Jabrix back in action. This time they start a new adventure in the capital city and the challenge is a challenge for the present. Who ordered to come to Jakarta?..[...] 'Tarix Jabrix 2' is still the personnel dibintangi The Changcuters. Of course with the additional double-double newcomers such as Joanna Alexandra is also the twin Winda and Windi Agustini Putri. This film was the story of the members of the worms Tarix Jabrix (Tria Changcut), Mulder (Dipa Changcut), Dadang (Erick Changcut), Ciko (Changcut Alda) and Coki (Qibil Changcut) who graduated high school. They could choose the place of study in a different city. After getting word finally agreed they chose to colonize Jakarta. Unfortunately, Dadang not obtain permission to participate. Life in Jakarta is not the children of the Bandung imagine. Jammed, individualism, and all can be purchased with money. As an example of them were even arrested during a round and diprotes pak RT kala help clean up the environment. Jakarta no change in their friendship Tarix Jabrix. Coki and Ciko love to meet. While the worm is always a leader proposes to sell the motor and replace it with their car. Geng motor without the motor? Hmmm ... Idealist Mulder injured because ulah friends that. He was even involved in a wild race betting. They pledge to always obey traffic regulations therefore accidentally. All are so disorganized. Dadang who eventually followed his friends is to participate in Jakarta also confused dibuatnya. What should they do? Poverty can be conquered Tarix Jabrix Jakarta? Overall, the film garapan Iqbal Rais show this new story. If the first film, so the worm shaft. This time the twin Coki and Ciko that get large portions. Unfortunately, the second film The Changcuters this feels less bite. Plot story feels a bit forced. But jokes jokes Tria-Cs can still make you shriek kok. (yla / yla)

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