Monday, July 6, 2009

Dell Will Release 'iPod Android'

Dell dikabarkan want to measure success with the Apple iPod Touch refine a mobile internet device that dipersenjatai Google Android operating system. Uređaj this will play music and video iPod Touch the withdrawal. Uređaj this iPod Touch-like but slightly larger...[...] Later uređaja Dell does not work as a mobile but has the features wireless Internet connectivity for surfing and other purposes. Mentioned that Dell is planning launch the device before the year 2009, target holiday season. Some time ago, also breathe rumor that Dell developing smartphone middle. We see only what is right the middle of preparing Dell 'weapon' to frustrate dominance in the iPod Touch music player market. ---------------------------------- Dell is developing a pocket-sized gadget fashioned after Apple's iPod Touch that will play music, videos, and connect with the Web and is based on the Google Android mobile operating system, according to reports in today's Wall Street Journal. Dell hopes to break a streak of bad luck with consumer gadgets. It was not very successful with its DJ Ditty music player line or with the Axim PDAs, which got axed a few years ago. Dell is giving pocket-sized devices one more shot, this time with an iPod Touch-style mobile Internet devices (MID). So will it make a difference? (Techwhack / sec / PCWorld) Source:

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