Monday, July 6, 2009

USB 3.0

SB 3.0 has just passed the latest USB standard connection. There is rumor that USB 3.0 will be used for the PC, at least this year can be adopted for the computer desktop. Taiwan PC manufacturers to become the first company that menambilkan USB 3.0 technology...[...] Speed USB 3.0 promises more, has a transfer rate up to 5 GBits / s. As a note, only has a USB 2.0 transfer speeds Rate 480 Mbit / s (60 MB / s) when introduced in 2001. So the speed of 10x USB 3.0-fold compared to USB 2.0. NEC began to send the host controller chip for USB 3.0, and will be in full in September. USB 3.0

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