Monday, July 6, 2009

Netbook Dell have GPS

Dell announced not long akan creation create new netbook that has not been there before. Netbooknya product called Dell Mini 10, starting next weekend will be equipped with GPS facilities the withdrawal a smart phone...[...] Dell optimistic and believe that every netbook users want the second function of the application is embedded in the netbook. GPS Option will present a part of the Dell Wireless 700 card. It also has facilities including Wi-Fi and Maps that can be used to track position. Although the plan pengaplikasian GPS is officially announced to the public, Dell sesumbar not want the selling price. Clear, so Dell would like to create a vibrant new trends in the netbook with the services to adopt at this time generally used in new mobile phone technology. "During this time, the location of a search service trends in mobile phone technology. However, there has never been a product which netbook to use it. Dell sure, by adding a search service at the location of a netbook can also be segregated into netbook trends as well as going on the phone," said the interpreter talking Dell, Lionel Menchaca. Option will be equipped with GPS Maps application from the CoPilot navigation software that supports full GPS map in the direction and position of the location of the search and two-dimensional three-dimensional. Maps application that ditanamkan later akan could save up to 50 address location search. "Option GPS on Dell this is a new beginning can be operated in Windows XP. However, to the future we will also add the ability to be able to support the use of Vista and Windows 7," Menchaca demolished. (PCMagazine / okezone) Source:

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