Friday, July 10, 2009

Heart Healthy with wheat

For people of Indonesia, the wheat is not a main food. In fact, mengonsumsi grain wheat for the day-to-day, you can make your heart healthy. Really? Section, in addition to carbohydrate and rich in protein, in each 100 grams of wheat are 3.1 mg iron and 36 mg calcium that are useful, among others, can cure coronary heart disease and high blood. In wheat, there is the actual fiber is useful to make a healthy heart always. Therefore, it is harmless now begin to enter the wheat in your menu, to avoid heart attack. As quoted from the Shape, Friday (10/7/2009), mengonsumsi food that contains wheat not only cause a feeling satisfied longer than other types of food. Food also can help prevent heart attack. For, while the diet of middle mengonsumsi wheat 4-5 times a day, that means they reduce the level of C-reactive Protein (CRP) in the body. "CRP is produced in the body to respond to a variety of diseases and injuries," said Penny Kris-Etherton, Ph.D., Professor of Nutrition at Pennsylvania State University. The high level of CRP is settled that a major contributor to the occurrence of arterial stiffening. In addition, it can also carry the risk of stroke or heart attack. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says, during the 12 week period of study, subject mengonsumsi corn-based foods decreased significantly the percentage of fat in their bodies, in compare with the subject mengonsumsi rice. The researchers said, the womb in the wheat antioxidants may help lower CRP levels and the potential damage to the cells, networks, and the organ in the body. From the results, the researchers recommend that the subject mengonsumsi rice to provide high fibrous food such as rice, cereals, wheat bread, and pasta in the menu daily. Want to live with a healthy heart? Yuk enter your corn on the menu! (NSA) Heart Healthy with wheat. Source :

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