Friday, July 10, 2009

Women's Step Change Set

They say, women are the most powerful creatures of God. That's why many womenfolk dijuluki wonder woman. However, women can also be being sloppy and weak. What is it? Many things can change a mood drastically. Moreover, when entering the middle of the pre-menstruation syndrome (PMS), so all people can be spray omelannya. Now, for the woman that you want to change the mood, give tips jitunya Shape: Diligent exercise regularly Physical activity is the most appropriate way to produce endorphins in the body. In addition, exercise can also stimulate serotonin level in the body to create a stable mood of women. In a study says, such as sports and aerobic physical exercise can reduce and prevent depression. In addition, can improve symptoms of PMS in women. Therefore, experts recommend to women to exercise for 30 minutes per day. Do not eat abstinence Many women mengonsumsi few calories when berdiet middle. When the diet is not be appropriate, thus causing lack of vitamins, minerals, and protein in the body. While there are other women who rarely eat and make sugar in the body down. But when the brain lack of sugar, this will be easy for someone experiencing stress. Eat 5-6 times a day in a small portion of the womb with enough carbohydrate, can increase the serotonin level in the body. Do not forget to include protein in your menu, because the protein can decrease the emotional content in the body. Drinking calcium supplements Research shows, mengonsumsi 1200 milligram carbonic calcium per day may reduce symptoms of PMS as much as 48 percent. Other evidence indicates, with mengonsumsi 200-400 mg magnesium can also help reduce the uncomfortable feeling in the mood of women. Describe events experienced in daily Write an event that you experience every day. For that, you should always bring in the daily book bag that you use. This step is very useful as a media pelampiasan when you are angry or be sad. You can excite each of the problems that are sore. In addition, it is also safer to keep the emotions, without the need to dissociate themselves from the surrounding environment. Drag the breath is strong Bernapaslah with strong, hold for 4 seconds. Then, release the breath with the tug slowly. Repeat continuously until some time. This will make you rileks and far from feeling depressed or panic. Say prayers Create words calm yourself during difficult situations. Tariklah breath, then hold a few seconds. Dispose of breath along with the prayer that can make you calm and restore confidence. (NSA) Women's Step Change Set Source :

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