Tuesday, July 7, 2009

information that Caring Eyes Always Beautiful

ALL people know that the eyes are the window heart. Through the eyes, which radiated in my heart to someone. Adviser Optemtric The College of Optometrists Dr Susan Blakeney said, sometimes we have to remember the importance of the eyes to daily. Caring for the eyes not only to make someone always radiated charm, but also to always keep eyes healthy. If you believe in love at first sight, you should give more attention to the vision and both eyes mesmerize you to someone. Nah, to treat your eyes always beautiful, The College of optometrist provide interesting tip that dilansir Femalefirst: Use make up that does not kedaluarsa Do not use make up more than six months, especially mascara. In addition, do not wear make-up also around the eyes when you are on holiday in the middle open. Because, you can create a second eye rake and let bacteria spread on the hands to enter. If you use eye contact, note kebersihannya. Stop smoking! Smoking is not good for eye health, because that can damage cells in the retina are in, and other risks, which is affected by AMD (Age-related Macular Degenaration), Eat wisely Reducing junk food, looking Feed vitamins and minerals with the right portion of food, can keep your eyes look. Research suggests, the diet rich in beta carotene for good eye health. Feed is usually found in green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. In addition, do not forget perbanyak carrot to reduce the risk of suffering from various eye diseases. Diligent review of Go eye doctor regularly to check the health of you, the eyes have a beautiful and captivating not just any dream. (NSA) information Caring Always Beautiful Eyes Source:http://lifestyle.okezone.com/read/2009/07/07/195/236382/jurus-merawat-mata-senantiasa-indah

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