Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kiki, Mobile Future Sony Ericsson?

Jakarta - The mobile phone manufacturers race-race 'mimic' iPhone and BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson suddenly appear with a different concept. Will the mobile phone named 'Kiki' this be the future of Sony Ericsson?..[...] As quoted from, Sunday (5/7/2009), a concept mobile phone from Sony Ericsson has emerged. Not yet known whether the phone is simply the concept or indeed is being developed as a product. Uniquely, the phone has a transparent screen with the projected display. This makes an impression 'depth' on the display screen the withdrawal hologram. The form of the phone body is also odd with only some of the buttons are visible. Alleged phone is not meant to have that feature abundant. Mobile phone with the name 'Kiki' is called the product a 'pure'. This could be based on the return to the phone functions of the basic telecommunications only. (Wsh / wsh) source:

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