Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson is not biological father on his son!

More and more stories that appear after the death scandalize Michael Jackson. Why not, after the world's ranting about the cause of death and religion are now deceased with the news in kejutkan status son. Son Michael is Prince Michael and Paris in the claims by their biological mother Deborah Rowe, the meat is not the blood of the king of pop. Of course the world of entertainment on-popeyed cengan and consider debbie hanyacari sensation as removed from the list of property the heir to the legend, but he does not care. next Debbie Rowe is a former nurse, says that Jacko Dermatologist seed sperm children born with the way the baby is a tube that comes from a sperm donors. This can be proved through DNA test, unkap Debbie. Interviewed by the "News Of the World" debbie said that he was given money by some 10 million dollars for the United States decided to strap cognation children. Debbie but it really comes from the will, the more he wanted the money rather than be united with his flesh is the blood of both. Ironic indeed if a mother mengatakn like it, but it can diwajari because Debbie has been separated and never met again with the Prince Michael (12) and Paris (11) and Michael after he divorced. This news has been heard by Jackson's father, Joseph. He said that the children already in jackson and his promise that he himself and his wife will be caring for the heart king of pop is happy with. And the biological mother refused the demands of children Jacko, debbie rowe of the right to foster children. Wah hopefully resolve this issue quickly so kelar. Source: http://obbieafri.blogspot.com/2009/07/michael-jackson-bukan-ayah-biologis.html

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