Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Police arrested Rihanna!

Rihana finally arrested the powerful New York City for the investigation. The pop diva is not arrested because of the terdahulunya, where he was fighting with a former girlfriend Chris Brown, but the owner of this umbrella tembang hits suspected the action that is illegal mentatoi person recklessly without permission. Sebagimana known to be conducting activities that the tattoo without consent is action that can be punished in New York.Sehingga only tattoo artists who have diizinkanlah be opened in the Capital of the World prakteknnya it. The powerful new york found the existence of its own activities activity "in the body painting" with Rihanna when this practice deliberately kelihaiannya body paint tattoos on one of penggemarnya East Side Ink in new york city Wednesday. This is also done by the bar while he was holding tools and paint tattoo ditangannnya preparing melukisnya in the body penggemarnya. Munurut information obtained by the East Side Ink is a place of making a tattoo Rihanna, Yadira fact that Rihanna does not have plans to come there to paint tattoos on the body, he only streets here along with female friend. Akan but go Yadira, one of the artists own services request tattoos pop stars is to paint tattoos ditubuhnya. For information Yadira said that people who ditatoi Rihanna is tattoo artist to paint a picture pistol dilengan the performers recently and act itupun Rihanna performed at the request of the fans. If the guilty will Rihanna threatened fines of 300 U.S. dollars or more or less equal to 3 million. The power itself is still investigating this case. While the performers are reluctant to comment on the issues faces. He may continue to give up dealing with the police so times. Pity Rihanna. source;http://obbieafri.blogspot.com/2009/07/rihana-ditangkap-polisi.html

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