Monday, July 6, 2009

Review Film : The Golden Compass

Film Type: Action / Fantasy Players: Dakota Blue Richards, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Ian McKellen, Ian McShane, Sam Elliott, Eva Green Director: Chris Weitz Author: Philip Pullman (novel), Chris Weitz Production: New Line Cinema Homepage: Triller: Duration: 113 Min..[...] Synopsis This film recounts the adventure of Lyra 12 years old girl who has a gold compass that can give a truth to an event, but only Lyra alone is capable of reading the compass. Adventure begins when the Magisterium want mengusai the world, with the abduction of children and separated from the daemon, an animal that country is assisting people. Once separated from the cengkraman Mrs. Coulter, Lyra is saved by the Gypsi help himself to free the children rapt. Together with Lorek Bryrnison, a polar bear who berperisai that will always accompany Lyra himself to death. Reviews Film 'The Golden Compass' is a film taken from the novels of Philip Pullman. This film even occupied box office and get some awards. Action movies are full of fantasy to give a description of this animation with high technology, so that the resulting picture is incredible for penontonnya. This film tries to give a message, that friendship has a close relationship. In this film also describes the attitude of friendship between Roger Lyra with each other that will help the problem. In addition, the film also gives a message that the truth will always be careful on the sacred. Courage and effort to live a respectable life despite taruhannya.

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