Monday, July 6, 2009

Review Film : 3 : 10 TO YUMA

Type of Film: Cowboy Western / Action Players: Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Alan Tudyk, Peter Fonda, Gretchen Mol Director: James Mangold Writer: Halsted Welles / Michale Brand Producers: Ryan Kavanaugh, Lynwood Spinks, Stuart Besser Production: Lionsgate Films Homepage: Trailer: Duration: 117 Min..[...] Synopsis Arizona the end of year 1800, famous villain Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) and the group, consisting of a thief and murderer destroy rail diwilayah south. When caught Wade, veteran Dan Evans (Christian Bale) who work as farmers, offer themselves for escort Wade alive to the "3:10 To Yuma", a train that brought the criminals to court. In the way, Evan and Wade, two different characters, from each other to one another. Wade preparation for travel - the danger is always present - the mission, travel impossible for the destiny of both. Reviews Film 3:10 To Yuma is a film that action dibintangi by Russell Crowe. The film by James Mangold disutradarai in production by lionsgate Production. Movies take a background in this era where there is a cowboy farmers who are willing to finance because it delivers a bandit class is kakap diperankan Russell Crowe to the prison at Yuma 3 through 10. This film provides a lot of picture messages and how a father should always be an example or precedent for their children. In addition, the way the story of this film is very interesting. Scripter is able to invite spectators wondered whether the former soldier in the civil war era in the U.S. is able to deliver the bandit. Meanwhile, in the ending movie, the director is able to close very slick, where the bandit Ben Wade to the voluntary desire to realize the breeder to be intrepid people who take the class bandit kakap for the family.

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