Monday, July 6, 2009

Review Film : Love To Love | Cinta Untuk Cinta

Players: Masayu Anastasya / Dimas Seto Studio: Independent Genre: Romance / Drama Type: VCD Duration: 86 minutes..[...] Cinta (Masayu) was a young doctor who is very diligent and businesslike. He recently was a doctor at a hospital International. Because it is too busy, until he does not have time for dating. Risha finally introduced to the love of a man's friend Risha, Fandi. In travel and meet RIsha friend kencannya, he experienced a severe accident. Tertabrak car by a large truck. 3 months later a man called vino (Dimas Seto) are looking for an apartment, he fall in love with the design and the view is very comfortable. But he surprised when I suddenly come and confess as the owner. The debate in memperebutkan apartment also occur between the events that they are very incompetent. Vino finally realize that love is a ghost of the apartment, he intends to mengusirnya with a variety of ways, I believe that is not yet dead, let alone Harry, vino acquaintances who have the ability supranatural also meyakinkannya. Vino finally decided to seek help I know teak itself is still a curious spirit. Over time, love of vino and the familiar feeling of love to arise between them. Meanwhile, rival doctor Malvin Love, Risha request to release the hospital because I can not continue to bear, both in terms of media and cost. Vino desperately to save the life of Love. But business does not semulus the merekaa think, especially Risha is not easy to believe that people with the things that deems not logical. Whether successful vino save Love?

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