Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Secret Eye Cats Mischa Barton?

Smokey EYES make the face look glamorous look. What happens if you make up smokey eyes decorate the beautiful face of Mischa Barton? Beautiful, sexy, and glamorous. All women need to be beautiful, not the exception of the young stars Mischa Barton. Therefore, he followed a variety of ways to realize these desires. One of them use make-up. Mischa Barton is not only imitate the name when the other actress's. He was trying to create their own trends, which is always kept up to now. Trends make up the face are always decorate smokey eyes, stick form, such as the dramatic cat eyes. According to the news that dilansir Femalefirst, Tuesday (8/7/2009), stars American television serial The OC, Mischa Barton can not dress up to leave practices with make up smoke eyes. According to him, make up eyes make smoke appearance more beautiful, sexy, and glamorous. To create a smokey eyes make up an interesting, full name owner Mischa Anne Marsden Barton apply this attitude carefully mix in the color eyeshadow. "It takes the right mixing in the lid to create a smokey eyes make-up. I usually combining Yves Saint Laurent eyeshadow color shimmery black and blue. Not sure to wear black eyeliner Chanel collection," said Mischa appearance that inspired the style of "Rock n Roll." According to the actress born in London, England, 24 January 1986, a touch of "Rock n Roll" is right up appearance. Moreover, he is not happy that her grooming with thick make up, but senatural possible. (tty) source:http://lifestyle.okezone.com/read/2009/07/07/29/236250/rahasia-mata-kucing-mischa-barton

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