Monday, August 31, 2009

Full Review Game Tom Clancy's HAWX

PC Game There are many, but this newly emerged again a game with the theme of war between the fighter and bomber with the latest technology. HAWX (High-Altitude Warfare Experimental Squadron) is not a simulator game that just went way to learn to fly a plane and landed the plane back. HAWX is a game for gamers to bring fighter aircraft to destroy enemy aircraft and headquarters. HAWX game is not a complicated game, where players must be faced with a lot of buttons and the risk of loss of vision (blackout) for maneuvering the aircraft. But expertise in controlling the aircraft and to pursue and set goals appropriately. HAWX is made easy, with "record" of course. There is no limit a plane out of fuel or aircraft must be an annoying out of ammunition. But all are limited as if made of concrete with time. In contrast, players who imagined a game of battle between the aircraft, and is easy to imagine this game will be easy to play. This will ditepis the HAWX game. Because the game in the battle Dogfight actually made as real as possible Example course in pursuit of enemy planes that must be tackled, or chase the enemy aircraft was made as real as possible. Initially it had to face each other, but at a certain range will make you unbelievable shock. Because the enemy plane would turn around and try to turn around and catch a plane from the back of the player to release a rocket or heat seeking missiles. HAWX rely on satellite technology from Geoeyes, so that the contours of the land is made in such a real and complex. Although not as detailed as the real picture, players can feel the fly over a major city and more detailed images than similar aircraft games. What about the plane, available with 50 different types of aircraft. With special specifications of course, like the plane to ambush and attack, bombers, or a combination of both. There are 2 games in the campaign and HAWX versus. For given 19 mission campaign with different scenarios. Good for an ambush, attack, destroy the enemy base until the order to protect other aircraft from enemy attack. Meanwhile, versus mode is a battle for gamers to play another computer within a computer network.

Campaign itself is divided into 3 different games. To start the game the player must play the course from the beginning. The next mission that has been played will be saved and can be played back in a single mission. Option 3 is the mission to fly free. Perhaps the mission is to provide direction for the play to recognize the battle map.

Hawx game has many types of fighter aircraft. When a player has reached the rank or value of the highest skill. It will be given the opportunity to use various types of sophisticated aircraft. From F5E Tiger fighters tiny until F14 Tomcat or F16 is very lively. Then get on the plane the other models from Europe to the Russian-made such as Sukhoi class. That is just a list of aircraft that can be selected for the type of Dogfight, whereas there was more of a big bomber to play. From each list of existing aircraft, also described maneuverability and control of aircraft and weapons of choice will be installed. Players can predict what the scenario to be faced, and can try different kinds of aircraft on the battlefield.

At the beginning of each mission such as campaign missions, will be given some idea of the condition of the existing battle. And suggestions of what Hawx simple tactics useful.

Hawx initial display presents a neat game, because the choice of aircraft will be given a video image from the image plane when starting permaina. Including 2 aircraft escorting companion in the face of the enemy players, which functioned to assist in penyegapan. For the other 2 aircraft that usually accompany the players. Players can be ordered to help destroy the enemy base or attackers. Because the enemy is shown on the game was not a little Hawx. Example when a player fails to catch a group of enemy aircraft, the aircraft will come again another enemy to be destroyed. Here fungi to resist the enemy guards before you finished dealing first Mush.

Like the image below as a display when playing games Hawx. Figure fighters made a simple player, with the left indicator as a map and target enemy aircraft and the right of the screen will inform the aircraft monitoring the condition of the eye or eye Awac types of information from the central headquarters as well as the position and Flare dipesawat missiles and bombs.

Hawx game play does not deliver a game that is always easily solved. Sometimes players have to go through the area protected by the jammer to disrupt dipesawat tool. Game screen will change as experienced power failures when the jammer through the area, because the jammer will try to disrupt the enemy and complicate the flight path and sensor plane to the existence of an enemy aircraft and the area.

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