Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Comfortable Guest Room for You

WHEN holiday or feast day, relatives or close friends sometimes visit the house and stay. Therefore, the host should already make a comfortable sleeping space for guests. Why do we have to make guest room or guest room comfortable? The level of service to the guests who come can be a measure of how much we appreciate the guests. Imagine if you stay in the house of relatives or friends and found that the room where you sleep or do not appear in a convenient to ditiduri, of course you will feel if the host did not really want to make you feel comfortable in the house. Of course, the guest room does not have to be like a luxury hotel room. However, you can imitate a few hotel managers how to make guests feel like staying in the room, as if they're in a room alone. Therefore, when you intend to build or mendekorasi a guest room or a few, there are a number of things that must be observed. According to the architect of the PT Buanareksa Binaperkasa Andry Hermawan, feeling comfortable in the guest room can be realized through the selection of colors and lighting just right. Therefore, the soft colors such as chocolate or young art deco colors can be used. "For the art deco, the wallpaper can be used with a color that remain soft but not plain. For example, there is a circle motif or other motifs that could give the impression that a room does not narrow," said Andry. Matter of lighting, if you want to show the effect of art, can be done with the power of the light depends on the volume of space. While for air circulation, it is important to create a window in the room so that sunlight can provide the effect of fresh or positive aura in the morning. After considering the color and circulation of air, it's time choosing equipment or furniture in the room. Of course, to the bed and pillows, to be selected that high-quality. You certainly do not want to see the guests do not sleep soundly because the bed is not comfortable, too hard, or make a summer. Make sure you put a chair or sofa in the room. Not necessarily want to sit in the front bed. Chair can also function to place a bag or suitcase that brought guests. In addition, Andry recommend that you select a build-in cupboard to be placed in the guest room. The cabinet shape is simple and will not take much space or place. "Select-a rack in the raknya. So, will not eat a lot of space or place. Room does not seem so small and still look neat and clean," said Andry. In addition, Andry also suggested not to put too many accessories in the room, such as painting or lighting will be high even gave the impression that narrow space. "Painting can be, but not too much. Do not put too many photos because of a guest bedroom," he said. One more important thing in designing guest rooms, which make the rooms in mandikhusus. According to Andry, other than because of practicality and convenience, many hosts are sometimes reluctant to share the same bathroom with the guests. How about the ideal location of the guest room? "The ideal is located slightly outside of, for example, can see the garden. In addition to privacy reasons, so that there is also a refreshing sight, "he said. However, if it is not possible, suggest Andry guest room located on the bottom floor so that guests leave the event-in the home can be done easily. The most important of all is, make sure the guest room clean and tidy when guests want to use. Therefore, it's good hosts know beforehand if there are guests who will stay to be able to do some preparation the previous day and regale guests can satisfy. (Koran SI / SI Koran / tty)

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