Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Male orgasme

THAN became ruler in the bed, the man most quickly reach the peak of sexual pleasure (orgasme). Simply touch the body of 3 minutes, Mr P is sopping. Wow! Of course this is not a mere fabrication. Surveys conducted last a sex expert who published "Journal of Sexual Medicine" concluded, a man can achieve as much orgasme flash 3-13 minutes after have sex. "Physical condition when the prime men who wage attacks on him are the key to successfully have sex," write journals, such as site Femalefirst cited. Although the man can get orgasme flash, but in general, both men and women like the "sexual intercourse" longer. "When you want to satisfy a partner, then do have sex longer," added Eric Corty, study leaders. Of course, Eric and the research team, this is not the only reference for the pair to reach peak enjoyment. Research conducted by Dr. Irwin Goldstein, 2005, can also seem to be an alternative for couples who make an event on the bed. "Ideally, couples who are husband and wife can make to reach the orgasme in 7 minutes," said Dr. Irwin involving 1,500 respondents in the research. (tty) source;http://lifestyle.okezone.com/read/2009/07/07/24/236300/pria-orgasme-dalam-3-menit

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