Tuesday, July 7, 2009

shadow wraith Michael Jackson

LOS ANGELES - Michael Jackson Death is a mystery still be covered after the horrific penampakan sesosok appear ghost-like gentayangan Jacko in Neverland. Sesosok shadows appear to be Jacko on the wall in the house at Neverland. As is known, is the first Neverland Jacko when the property is still triumphant. Her shadow is not just dwell on the wall, but also walk along the corridor space. Shadowy movement is very fast, from left to right, before finally disappearing as such. Likewise dilansir The Sun, on Monday (6/7/2009). Uniquely, shadow-like figures that appear when Jacko news channel CNN reportase directly to the (live) in Neverland, titled 'Inside Neverland'. Program in the event, the event of Larry King interviewed Jacko brother, Jermaine. When the program is running live on television, no one presenter and cameraman who are aware penampakan. Just when posted on the site Youtube, there are people who realize penampakan mysterious ghost-like Jacko. (ang)
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw2cQ9K5rJ0 http://celebrity.okezone.com/read/2009/07/06/33/235925/33/hantu-jacko-gentayangan-di-neverland

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